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Title- Moonbow
By- Sheila Hollinghead
Genre- Inspirational Romantic Suspense 

A widow, a doctor, an unborn child. Three lives are at risk in this high stakes suspense. Die Auserwahlten, the Chosen Ones, have impregnated Gisa with an embryonic clone. Is it evil or just a child? It's up to Dr. Rayden Brooks to untangle the web that keeps them captive and save their lives. But will Gisa trust him?

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The opening of her door startled her. She looked up into Rayden's face.
"What are you doing?" she asked, gulping down a sob.
He reached in and placed her hand in his. His hand was warm and dry, and his strength seeped into her. She allowed him to pull her out until they stood face to face. He wrapped his arms around her, and she cried into his shoulder while he stroked her hair.
With a shuddering breath, she pushed back to peer into his face. He brushed her tears away with a tender touch. Even with the tumult of emotion crashing through her, her skin tingled each place his fingers trailed.
She pulled back to escape the sensation and searched his eyes. “Why? Why did they choose me?”
“I don’t know.” His voice was gentle, his lips agonizingly close.
She wanted to remain like this, in his arms, safe and secure, enshrouded where nothing could ever harm her. “If I have an abortion, at least they’d quit following me?” She said it tentatively, as more of a question than a statement.
He sighed. “I told you that’s not going to happen.”
“Why? I need to know why.”
"Maybe you know?"
She shook her head again. “I don't know! I’m nobody. Nobody at all..."

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Gisa was pregnant at last with her dead husband’s child. She was happy with the way things were going in her life. When all of a sudden Rayden Brooks, an associate to the fertility doctor who had helped her, shows up and says she is in danger. That her baby is a clone. She thinks he is crazy at first, then slowly things start happening and the truth starts falling into place. The web of intrigue surrounding the Die Auserwahlten, Gisa and her unborn child is almost more than can be untangled by Dr. Brooks alone. Gisa in the meantime is slowly being tormented with the thoughts that a clone is evil, or is it just a baby?
 This was an extremely interesting book. Well written and kept me at the edge of my seat. The mark of a good story is always trying to somehow jump in and help, hollering at the characters, and the like. Yup, I did it all with this book. I will recommend this book to my friends who like suspense and intrigue as it has plenty of both. Altogether well worth reading.

About the Author-
Sheila Hollinghead, an army brat, was born in Nuremberg, Germany. When she was ten, her father was stationed in Toul, France where she discovered a treasure trove of books hiding in the furnace room. The house was rumored to be the former headquarters of the Nazi Party with bullet holes decorating the foyer as evidence. The books, sci-fi, mysteries, fantasy, and the classics, opened her mind to the power of story. Today, she is married and lives on a farm in south Alabama with dogs, cats, and chickens. She agrees with Emily Dickinson who said, "I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it until it begins to shine."

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Moonbow began as a literal dream. Bless (or curse) my husband. When I told him the strange story, he encouraged me to turn it into a book. I'm not sure if the final manuscript resembles the first shadowy images in the least. Writing morphs and grows into things we cannot imagine when we first put pen to paper.  I hope to continue the growth of the story and further explore the question from my dream: "Are some men born evil? What if they got a second chance?"

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