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Abomination by S. Cu'Anam Policar

Title: Abomination
A Legend of Xosha Novel
Saga: Howl of Wolves book 2
Series: The Ways of the Pack book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: S. Cu’Anam Policar
Publisher: Wolf Paw Publications
Cover: Wolf Paw Designs
Release: December 12, 2013
front cover
**This book contains course language, sex, death, and at least one scene some may find offensive. It is not recommended for readers under the age of 18**
I didn’t ask to be what I am.
I didn’t ask to be created.
Everyday my very blood wars against itself.
They don’t understand.
They didn’t save me.
They only turned me into an Abomination.
Born a wolf, created to be a monster. Katalina DarkLaw, daughter of the DarkLaw pack alpha, finds herself losing more and more of who she is with every day that passes. Leaving behind a trail of murder and blood, she flees from her pack, right into the arms of Silver Von’Dyre, perpetual bachelor and alpha of Von’Dyre pack.
Will his faith in her be enough to save her? Or will she become the monster she fears she already is?
Where to start? I LOVED this book! I’ve been a fan of the world and characters since I read The Rise of Xosha. Though much has changed since the storyline in that book, the characters still have the same quirky attitudes and the new characters fit right in.
The romance between Katalina Anastasia DarkLaw and Silver Von’Dyre is so steamy, you might need to wait until the children are asleep to read it. I know I felt like taking a cold shower a couple of times.
Granted, I wanted to fling the book across the room at the end, it was a really great read and I am eagerly awaiting the next in these series’.
I give Abomination 5 stars for being genuinely unique and of great quality. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys the paranormal or fantasy or paranormal fantasy genres. It’s full of humor and suspense and f-bombs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Silver’s PoV
“Missie,” I addressed the only female in the batch of betas. “How about you take me to your brother, and then you and Vandyl can go visit your den?” I plastered on my best smile. Missie’s had a crush on Vandyl since we were pups.
Missie released her Tru’San. She looked like her brother. Trust me, on a female that was not a good thing. She looked like DarkLaw with tits; it was disturbing really. With her hooked nose, beady little eyes and hair in places no female should have hair, I cringed inwardly and I almost felt bad for what I was about to have Vandyl do… Almost.
She slithered up to Vandyl and practically threw herself at him. It was all I could do not to laugh at my poor second. Vandyl looked absolutely horrified. Bet that fucker never calls me “old” again after this.
“Really Vandyl? You finally ready to experience all of this?” Missie asked as she moved her pudgy hands over her bloated body.
Vandyl turned almost as green as his hair and looked to me for help. I winked to him and gave him a smirk.
“Oh yeah Missie, he’s been talking about getting up in there since I told him we were going to visit Chos.” I nodded for emphasis.
Vandyl’s cutting gaze shot daggers at me as he mouthed. “I’m going to fucking kill you, Silver.”
A snort escaped me. “Now you have the three musketeers over here take me to DarkLaw and Vandyl’s all yours.”
Her beady little eyes twinkled, I patted Vandyl on the back as Missie grabbed his wrist tightly in her meaty hand and dragged him away. I chuckled softly as I followed the three betas into the cover of the trees.
Katalina’s PoV
Macayla growled and ran at me with the arm holding Demon outstretched. I felt every bit of the bastard sword’s length run through my stomach and come out of my back. I stopped and I looked at her with no sign of pain as she withdrew the weapon.
My body felt like it was on fire, but before a single drop of my blood had the chance to escape, the devastating wound had sealed itself shut without even the trace of a scar.
Macayla grinned like a child on Yule morning. “I’ve done it!”
She practically pranced as she looked over my heavily breathing, snarling form. I could not touch her in malice. She was my sire and I was her chyld. A chylder can never harm their sire. I was death and destruction to everyone else. However, Macayla, I could only obey. Though I would have loved nothing more than to act out the scenes running though my head right then.
“You, my dear Katalina, are perfection! Indestructible! A true immortal!” She cooed to me as she ran her hands over my rough fur which caused my body to involuntarily shudder and twitch.
I could feel the four new fangs as they formed. New weapons that would not only rip and tear, but pierce as well so that I would be able to drain my victims dry while I tore them apart. Two above, two below. I wanted nothing more than to test them out on my sire as I had done with my Howler to my Howler sire. Macayla had turned me into a thing of myths, a thing of nightmares. She had turned me into an abomination.
S.Cu'Anam Policar was born in Brooklyn, NY, but now lives in Washington State. The Mother of three she makes time to write, usually late at night.
An avid reader, she not only writes but helps promote other authors with blog tours and reviews of their books.
She is Pagan but respects all religions and believes everyone should celebrate their similarities and not worry about their differences.
When she has the time, she enjoys playing video games, horseback riding, singing, and writing things short stories.
Also the founder of Wolf Paw Publications, she believes quality work shouldn’t cost an author an arm and leg. And while her prices are competitive, the quality of her work shines through.
She absolutely loves to make new friends so don't be afraid to come by and say hi on facebook.

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