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Reviews Only Tour! Leaving Tracks by Victoria Escobar

Leaving Tracks
By-Victoria Escobar
Genre - New Adult Contemporary
Publication: September 16th, 2014

North was on track to go nowhere. According to his brothers, ice skating was a hobby not a career. That didn’t stop him from dreaming of an Olympic Medal. Even if it was an impossible dream without a coach.

Hadley had been on track to the Olympics when a skating accident left her crippled and unable to skate. With no future plan other than skating Hadley returns home tired and broken. She would never be again, an Olympic ranked skater.

When their tracks collide North finds hope and a future in Hadley. She could be everything he needs her to be. She could help him reach that elusive dream.

Hadley’s trying to find her future. That path doesn’t necessarily include North. North is a skater with his eyes set on a medal, and Hadley can never be again. She just wanted peace.

Leaving tracks is for North to do. Hadley has already cut hers into the ice.

 A story about a Olympic dream that two could share, Hadley and North wanted the same things but at very different times. Hadley was no longer Olympic material due to her horrible accident and North, well he would need a lot of practice to make it at all. Is it possible for a broken skater to turn her life around and coach a winning Olympic skater? Will a growing attraction ruin what they are working for? Will their backgrounds and/or family make it too difficult to continue? Find out if this is what they want at all by grabbing Leaving Tracks and enjoy.
 Victoria Escobar improves with time, becoming an old friend that you can sit back and have a glass of wine with, while she spins a yarn full of magic and delight to share. Yep, she is turning my head now. Every time I pick up her new books I wonder what I will find, it has become a wonderful journey of an author growing and making the written words her own. Rather than gush I will thank Ms. Escobar for the privilege of reading and reviewing her book, it was a pleasure. I will recommend this book to others, I very much enjoyed it. Four beautiful stars shining bright for Leaving Tracks.

About the Author-
Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but with the ability to claim eight states as home; Victoria Escobar writes fiction from her current home in New York. She writes whatever comes to mind and because of such has a variety of genres written including Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and Contemporary Fiction.

In spare time if not with family, and friends Victoria enjoys curling up with a book from a favorite author with music playing. If not reading or writing she spends time drawing, sketching, crocheting, or some other random art project. She enjoys staying busy, but most of all enjoys staying creative.

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