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Blog Tour! Daughter of Light Trilogy by Heidi Garrett

Title- Half-Mortal
Series- Daughter of Light Trilogy # 2
By- Heidi Garrett
Genre- YA Fantasy/Faerie Tales
Expected Publication Date- July 30th, 2015

In Illialei, a light queen practices black magic.

In Tyrannis, the dragonwitch rises to power.

In the mortal world, Umbra pursues the half-bloods as vessels of incarnation.

Energies in the enchanted world are shifting and new alliances are forming; the battle between Dark and Light has begun. Melia is desperate to make things right with Ryder, the young priest from Idonne, but first she must warn the half-bloods in the mortal world that Umbra is coming for them—and face the powerful dragonwitch and her spectacular Dragon Carnivale.

They heard the song—a duet—before they saw the singers. A siren’s ethereal face peered over the cliff’s ledge; her enormous wings—they looked like they belonged to an oversized butterfly—beat a slow, steady rhythm, suspending her in midair. Two arms wrapped around her neck. Her singing partner—a glamorous nixie—peeked from behind the siren’s neck through a tumble of golden hair.

Tatou stepped back.

Melia froze. Sirens lured mortals to a watery death, but a powerful one could seduce a creature from the enchanted world too. Her hand dropped to her was.

“We were coming to dive.” The siren sounded like a swan and her perfume—the scent a thunderstorm left in its wake—carried Melia all the way back to her childhood in the mortal world. “We couldn’t help but hear your call.”

Melia and Tatou backed up one step at a time.

“It’s the black eagle,” the nixie said in the common tongue.

Melia clamped her beak against the creature’s pungent scent.

A row of small pointed teeth contrasted with the nixie’s pouty mouth. Nixies—distant kin to Illialei’s mermaids—were the water faeries native to Tyrannis. They were smaller than mermaids, although not as small as pixies, more like the size of a short field faerie. They were reputed to be wicked.

“You know me?” Melia asked.

The nixie showed even more of her teeth.

Melia flinched before she realized the water faerie was smiling.

“Everyone knows Pressina’s girls.”

Heidi Garrett is the author of the author of the Daughter of Light series, a fantasy about a young half-faerie, half-mortal searching for her place in the Whole. She's also the contemporary fairy tale novella collection, Once Upon a Time Today. In these stand-alone retellings of popular and obscure fairy tales, adult characters navigate the deep woods of the modern landscape to find their Happily Ever Afters.

Heidi also collaborates with B. J. Limpin. They've cooked up a yummy paranormal romance, Cupcakes & Kisses!

Heidi was born in Texas, and in an attempt to reside in as many cities in that state as she could, made it to Houston, Lubbock, Austin, and El Paso. She now lives in Eastern Washington state with her husband, their two cats, her laptop, and her Kindle. Being from the South, she often contemplates the magic of snow.

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