Tuesday, December 8, 2015

GHBT- 'Deceit' by Rebecca Clark Tour- #Excerpt & #Giveaway @rebecca_author @GHBTours

The Stellar Series Book #1
By- Rebecca Clark
Genre-YA fantasy
Publication Date- November 2nd 

Alexa Jenkinson is a self-appointed class nerd with no friends. Lately her only excitement comes in the form of a tall, dark and handsome Greek like god, which visits her every night in her dreams. On top of the strange dreams she can't help but think she's leading the wrong life. She believes that her reality is the average teenager’s worst nightmare. When the popular boy at school begins to show interest in Alexa, she thinks her luck just might be changing. Until the unthinkable happens, the boy in her dream appears and everything changes. Now she must navigate through the lies and relationships she believed to be genuine in order to find the truth.


And here is an excerpt from 'Deceit'- 

My heart pounds and exhaustion spreads throughout my body. I get this prickly awareness that someone is watching me, which only makes my heart pound faster. Too nervous to validate this dreadful alertness by searching for the source, I continue forward. How am I going to get home? Where am I?
Now that I’m out of the forest and far enough away from its disconcerting darkness, I collapse to my knees. Goosebumps blossom over my skin and an eerie sensation gnaws at my gut.
“You shouldn’t be here.” The authoritative, masculine voice splinters the silence in my ears. I whirl to see who is there. But I see nothing.
Frantic, I jump up and draw a deep breath before turning a slow circle, seeking who might have spoken to me. I’m the only one standing there.
The darkness is disseminating over the field from the forest as if creeping toward me. I scramble forward, trying to stay ahead of the impending gloom, but my fatigue is growing and my momentum slows. I glance up to see that the three moons are no longer yellow; they now resemble giant, red fireballs that are snowballing toward the field.
I need to run.

About the Author-
Rebecca Clark is a mother, wife, and science teacher. When she can steal away some quiet time, you will find her reading or following her passion—writing. She enjoys writing young adult fantasy and paranormal romance. When she is not taking care of the family, working, reading, or writing, she enjoys traveling and being with her family and friends. This is the first book in the Stellar Series, and the second book—Disorder—will be out Summer 2016.


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