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GHBT- 'A Lovestruck Freshman' by Caroline DeJong Tour- Guest Post @carolineadejong @GHBTours

A Lovestruck Freshman
These Four Years Book # 1
By- Caroline DeJong
Genre- NA Romance
Published By- Booktrope Editions
Publication Date- December 21st

Eighteen-year-old Sophie Shelton has left behind her comfortable, naive life in Kissimmee, Florida for a startling awakening at the University of Miami. When she begins college, she’s determined to concentrate on her education and future career as a writer. However, her life takes an unexpected turn, and she finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed.

Immersed completely in a world of sex, love, and cutthroat Greek life, she finds herself dating the freshman quarterback, yet developing feelings for his best friend. Her own best friend advises Sophie to stop leading the two guys on, but she finds that her heart is torn. She knows her path could go either way based upon a seemingly simple choice. Who does her heart belong to? Will she be able to make the choice?
Freshman Year, book one in the These Four Years series, will cause you to fall in love with the angst and joy of college, and understand the difficulty of Sophie’s predicament at the center of a love triangle.
Welcome Caroline DeJong to my blog!
How did A Lovestruck Freshman come to be?

“A Lovestruck Freshman” came to be after I decided in sophomore year of college that I didn’t want to write screenplays full time. I needed a voice. There isn’t that much voice in film and it really disappointed me in college. (I was a screenwriting major at Loyola Marymount.)  I wanted to tell a story in first person. I always loved prose. So how could I do that? Books, of course. And I just started writing. I let every emotion I had out. This book is true to me. Not every thought in this book is mine, but it is of those around me. I write what I know, as well as what I notice. Also, I thought there needed to be a book out there about Greek life. Greek life doesn’t have to be a bad, hazing-ridden world. In fact, it usually isn’t. We just read about the bad seeds. This story sheds light on real Greek life, the good and the bad, and doesn’t leave much out. Doesn’t everyone want to know the secrets of Greek life?

About the Author-
Caroline A. DeJong grew up in Kent, Washington. Determined to get out of the rainy weather, she moved to Los Angeles for college, attending Loyola Marymount University, graduating with a B.A. in Screenwriting. A lover of stories and books since early childhood, she proclaimed that she was going to be a writer at age 11; that dream hasn’t wavered since. DeJong also writes screenplays and short stories. In the time that she isn’t writing, she loves to watch television, cook new recipes, and dance.
DeJong currently lives in Los Angeles.


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