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'Running in the Dark' by Inger Iversen Tour- Excerpt @GHBTours @KRIS10INGER

Running in the Dark
In the Dark #1
By- Inger Iversen
Genre- New Adult Paranormal Romance

Known as Trace to his enemies and friends, this lethal Dhampir leaves no trace of his victims behind.

The life of deadly Russian slayer, Trace, has always revolved around death and preventing humankind from learning about the legendary creatures of the night. But now his position as a Watcher has become a prison, and dealing death for the Nation isn’t as prestigious as he once believed it to be.

College dropout Bessina Darrow has witnessed things she isn’t permitted to see, a simple case of wrong place at the wrong time puts her life in danger. When Bessina becomes his new mark, Trace is prepared to eliminate her—until he discovers a way out for them both.

Protecting Bessina means defying the leaders of the Nation, an act that has them both running for their lives. The more Trace fights to disappear from danger, the more he unravels the secrets surrounding his world of lore—secrets he must unveil to finally save a life, instead of destroy it.

And here is an excerpt from Running in the Dark-

In the hotel parking lot, Bessina sat in the car as Trace retrieved the hotel key. She’d yearned for a reprieve from his presence, to consider all the options he’d offered her, yet it had only been a matter of minutes before he was back in the car.
His warm presence soothed her, and also set her on edge. She wondered if she’d ever feel normal again. Did she want to? Before, she’d been full of hurt and anger, and now, she felt a bit lighter in spite of all that had happened between them.
He placed his hands on the steering wheel and rested his head against the headrest. “I only booked one room.”
With a glance at him, Bessina said, “I figured that would be the case after what happened back at Wal-Mart.” Fiddling with the hem of her shirt she added, “You wouldn’t leave me alone in the room.” Her stomach flipped and rolled with nervousness. What was her body and mind expecting? And more importantly, what was Trace truly offering?
He parked in front of their room and left the engine running as they sat quietly in the car. Thoughts and questions darted about her mind as she glanced up at the star-lit sky. Bessina’s mind felt full and cluttered, but one thing she knew for sure was, the idea of marrying Trace to save her life didn’t scare her as much as it should.
As it stood now, her future seemed ruined and her choices were slim, but there was hope with him. She speculated what her life would be like on the run. And what of her father? Would she ever see him again, or did she even want to?
She glanced at Trace to find him silently watching her with an intensity that caused her to shiver. Absentmindedly, she moistened her lips. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” His eyes had darkened, and looked predatory.

Bessina reached for the door handle, not to leave the car, but to ground herself under the intensity of his gaze. Was he trying to memorize her face, tantalize her with his wicked stare, or warn her of what his dark promise offered? She needed to break the tension in the car, it was burning her alive.

About the Author-
Inger Iversen  lives in Virginia Beach with her overweight lap cat, Max and her tree boyfriend, Joshua. She spends 90 percent of her time in Barnes and Noble and the other ten pretending not to want to be in Barnes and Noble.


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