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'Silver and Gold' by David Sakmyster Tour- Excerpt @DavidSakmyster

Silver and Gold
By-  David Sakmyster
Genre- historical thriller, historical fantasy, heroic, adventure
Published By- Dragon Moon Press

The Yukon Territory, 1895

A reclusive prospector comes to the aid of a Smithsonian explorer after she dares the frozen wilderness to capture a legendary beast known as the Sesquat. In his cabin, waiting out the storm, he regales her with the stunning and tragic tale of his life.

Historical Adventure

It's a life that takes him from the great gold rushes of California to the silver strikes of Nevada, and then on to the inescapable frozen lure of the Klondike. But it's also the story of a father and son striving to keep morally afloat as the surging tide of humanity sweeps upon their land to plunder its wealth. As this age fashioned the destiny of a nation, so too would it forge a hero...

The Gift that came with a Curse

A reluctant hero with the Midas Touch -- the boy, now a man,who must return to the world he's tried to avoid. To avenge his parents' murders, fight for the rights of his native people, and ultimately to embark upon his path into history.

The Legend

Teeming with fascinating characters and events from the times: from Samuel Colt to Herbert Hoover; from the Civil War to China's Boxer Rebellion; from icy maritime disasters to epic dogsled races, Silver and Gold is an ambitious historical adventure novel set against the backdrop of the Gold Rush era: an age defined by larger-than-life characters--arctic monsters, vile industrialists and noble heroes--all vying against the implacable wrath of nature.


Enjoy this Excerpt- 

"Very well, then," Delin announced, catching the pickax. He set it down, then went about lighting more lamps. "I will start the tale here in the Arctic, when I was just a little tyke, and I'll work in the rest—the good bits about how my father got up here in the first place, how I was born and learned the trade, and all the rest. You'll have to be patient, though. Think you can do that?"
Eloise glanced around the cabin again, listening to the storm raging outside. She shrugged and was about to respond when Delin said, "We're going to start with me, of course, but I assure you, I'll get to the part about how California fell into America's hands after the Mexican War—and how a pair of down-on-their-luck soldiers deserted their posts and made their fortunes in the hills of San Francisco; and how my father's best friend quickly lost his soul, how Benjamin Quitch forged an empire on the broken backs of honest men, how he sent my father out into the hills again and again to find the next great strikes, only so that Quitch could then level mountains and pry apart the land in order to slake his thirst."
"Hold on," interrupted Eloise, excitedly, her eyes blazing, heart hammering in her chest. "First, bring me some more tea. Oh—and a pencil and a notebook from my pack." She smiled and settled back against the pillows. Snuggling under the blankets, she waited for his creaking footfalls and the start of the story.

About the Author-
David Sakmyster is the award-winning author of more than a dozen novels, including Jurassic Dead and The Morpheus Initiative, a series featuring psychic archaeologists (described as “Indiana Jones meets the X-Files”). He also has an epic historical adventure, Silver and Gold, the horror novel Crescent Lake and a story collection, Escape Plans. His latest is Final Solstice, and his screenplays, Nightwatchers and Roadside Assistance, have been optioned for production.

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