Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Faith's Temptation Review

Faith Ann has always lived a simple life as the farmer's daughter until one day something happens that will change her life forever. Now faced with the choices of flight or fight, she leaves home and doesn't look back. Setting out on the journey of a lifetime. Ryder Porter is the golden child of the DDMC. Thought to be a bad boy, he is also known as a teddy bear to the women that he lets in. Which are few and far between. Ryder is used to getting what he wants, so when fate intervenes and shows him something he wants, he goes for it. Though Faith is not his usual easy conquest. Faith has never been one to give in to anything, but will Ryder be able to persuade Faith to give in to this temptation? 
 *Note from Author: This book used to be called The Lost Trucker. It has been rewritten. There is new scenes and information. BOTH books in this series are being rewritten. This is the new BOOK ONE in the Dueling Dragons MC Series.*  
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 Faith left home to help herself and ended up in a truck stop diner working for Layla. Ryder has his sights on Faith and lots of secrets behind him. Neither one is the trusting sort yet they feel the age old pull that signifies here is my someone else. Even with the burdens Ryder carries they feel like they can beat the odds. Will they or will fate step in?
 While I found this story held my attention, I am not sure it is my kind of book. I do want to read the second book because the author did manage to pull me in and make me care what was happening with her characters, and I really would like to see more about Layla. I do understand that this book is setting the stage and I appreciate knowing where Faith came from and what happened with her, but somehow I am left a little flat. Maybe the second book will pull me out of the funk as I like Rose DeWallvin and the potential she possesses. I rated this book a 3.5.

**I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.**

Be on the lookout for Ryder's Redemption which will be making it's appearance on May 6!!

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