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Uprising: The Character's Interview continues

Title- Uprising
Series- The Dolan Prophecies Series Book #1
By- Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons
Publication Date- April 18th, 2014
Genre- New Adult Dystopian

And here we are again, we truly hope you enjoy getting to know them!

The Characters:

Fianna Aoife Dolan-
Nickname(s)- Fi
Age- 19
Height- 5’2”

Eirnin Kearney Dolan-
Nickname(s)- Eir
Age- 16
Height- 6’7”

Nickname(s)- Hellboy, Hellion, Ass… None that would be considered “nice”.
Age- 278 years, but physically I look like I’m in my early twenties--lucky me.
Height- 5’8”

Nickname(s)- Lulu, Princess
Age- 546 (and yes, I do mean years)
Height- 5’1”

So here we go, round robin style again...

If you all could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Eir- I already have a superpower. Silly KJ.*shakes his head* I'd say being able to see the future and read people's emotions is not what you'd call normal..
Lulu- *giggles*
Fi- *shakes her head*
Flint- Okay, assuming being able to turn into a fox plus have the ability to light people on fire doesn't count...
Fi- *sighs* I'm the only one here who doesn't already have some sort of power. *scowls* I guess if I had to pick it would be good to be able to tell what people are thinking…*stares at the floor*
Lulu- See, I just want to be invisible or something. Oooh, or I want to be The Hulk. I can just get mad and go-- *claps fists together, throws them over her head and then slams them into her lap* SMASH! *nods* That's what I want.
Eir-*laughs and grins* Lulu smash!
Fi- *laughs* I don't think I've ever seen you mad, Lu.
Lulu- *grins cutely* I hide it very well.
Eir- *glances at Fi and kind of edges away* I think we'd be safer if Lulu had that particular power.... *looks at his sister* Others might destroy what's left of the world when they get irritated.
Flint- *bursts out laughing*
Lumi- *pinches Eir's side and then hugs Fi defensively*. Brutes. *looks at Fi* Don't listen to the little minded men, they're mean.
Fi- *hugs Lu back and glares at her brother then sticks her tongue out at Flint* It's not my fault you two are annoying.
Lulu- *giggles and nods* They're boys. That's what they do.
Eir- *covers his mouth* Lulu, you wound me!
Lumi-*bats her eyes at Eirnin* I never said you annoy me, Wonder Boy...
Eir- *makes sad eyes at Lumi* You called me a brute...and said I'm little minded...
Lumi- *pouts her lower lip at Eir and scampers over and hug-attacks him* That doesn't mean I don't love you anyway. *shoots her big eyes at him and then hops up and kisses his cheek*
Eir- *hugs Lu,blushing* Well, ok then…
Flint- *quirks a brow at them and pokes Fi* Are they dating now?
Fi- *bats Flint's hand away when he pokes her,hoping he doesn’t figure out she’s ticklish then shrugs at him* No idea.
Flint- *smirks but puts his hand back on his lap for now*
Lumi- *sticks her tongue out at Flint* Shut up. *grins at Eir and then goes back to her spot*
Fi- *nudges Flint* What about you, what super power would you want?
Flint-  *looks at Fi and smirks* Well I've already made you uncomfortable with an earlier question so, um... *Shrugs* Maybe invisibility... I could creep around, hear and see things I shouldn't. *winks at Fi*
Lulu- *looks at Eir* Is he being a perv or is it just me?
Fi- *shoves Flint’s shoulder*  Ass.
Flint- I said absolutely nothing wrong." *smiles at Fi*
Eir *nods at Lumi* This is not new, trust me.
Fi-  *shakes her head at Flint* According to you, you never say anything wrong. * blushes*
Lulu- *nods thoughtfully* I take it back. You're not the small minded brute in the room. *squeezes Eir’s arm and gives Flint a weird look*
Eir-  *grins and looks all proud of himself*
Flint- *shakes his head back at Fi* No, I know I say somethings wrong. I'm not perfect. * smirks* What I just said was innocent. You got dirty minded on me.
Fi - *rolls her eyes at Flint, her face still red* I did not.
Eir- *puts his hands up* Ok, you two. Enough. *looks at Lumi* Oblivious.
Lulu-  *giggles* I know.
Flint - You two have zero room to talk.
Eir- *chokes and glares at Flint* Shush, you.
Flint- I will when you will.
Fi- *watches Eir and Flint go back and forth, looking puzzled*
Eir- *shakes his head* Very mature. How old are you, like a thousand and that's the response you give me.
Fi- *looks at Lumi* Do you have any idea what they're going on about?
Lumi- *shakes her head* I don't speak male...
Fi- *looks at Lumi* Thank goodness for that.
Flint- *scowls at Eir* Uh, no. I'm a quarter of that. Your girlfriend, though, she's a cougar.
Eir- *blushes* What do I have to do to get you to shush?
Lumi- *giggles at Fi and then snaps straight up and scowls at Flint* Bad Hellboy!
Flint- *shakes his head* Your sister has been trying to figure that out since I got here.
Fi- *laughs out loud at Flint* That is true.
Eir- *snorts at Flint* Can I wave the white flag? I've had enough sparring...I can kind of see why Fi wants to slug you all the time.
Flint-  *smirks at Fi* If you asked me nicely I would try to be...quiet. *he extends a hand again and tickles at her side, testing her*
Fi- *half grins at Flint* You-quiet? *jerks away from his hand* No tickling *tries to hide that she’s laughing*
Flint- Oh there are ways, love. *beams when Fi laughs and tickles her side then gets whapped in the back of the head with a snowball*
Fi- *laughs when Flint gets hit with the snowball*
Lumi- Flint, we are in the middle of an interview. Please sit your ass back down and tickle Fi later. *smiles sweetly*
Fi- *blushes*
Eir- *covers his mouth so he doesn't laugh*
Flint- *brushes snow out of his hair and scowls at Lumi* Soon as KJ's gone... You're in trouble, Princess.
Fi- *giggles* No she's not.
Eir- *nods*
Lumi- *beams* I'm not afraid of him.
Flint-  *wags a finger at Lumi and ignores the Dolans*
 Fi- *grins at Lu* I haven't been afraid of him since I figured out his other form was an adorably cuddly little fox.
Eir- *snorts*
Flint- *laughs at Fi*
Fi- *blushes when she realizes what she just said*
Lumi- *tilts her head* He's a fox? *fakes a look of shock and mock whispers* He was so tiny, I thought he was a rat...
Eir- *chokes*
Fi- *stays quiet, studying the floor*
Lumi-  *looks at Eir when he chokes and smiles at him* You okay?
Flint-  *glares at the back of Lu's head, reminding himself he can’t light her on fire*

Eir- *nods* Yep, I'm great.

What gave you the backbone you have today?

Eir- *smirks, then puts on his mock-serious face* I'm going to have to say it was dealing with my supremely over-protective older sister. Yep. Or is that just the biggest pain in my life?
Fi- *scowls*
Flint- *shakes head* Like you are any less protective of her. *gives Eir a look* I know she's annoying as hell, believe me, but she really is trying to keep you safe…
Eir- No one is as protective as she is.
Flint- You should have seen me a few years ago. *smirks* I made her look tame.
Fi- *glares at Flint before snapping at Eirnin* I'm very sorry if I promised Dad that I'd keep you safe, demon. I can promise you, you will survive it. *then grumbles in Flint’s direction* I'm not annoying, you ass.
Eir- *puts his hands up, noticing Fi’s glare* I'm kidding, just for the record--kidding, so no glaring at me please. Save that for the mouthy kitsune over there..
Flint- *gapes at Eir* Well I never.
Fi- *ignoring Flint completely, doing her scary-calm thing* To answer KJ’s question,  I think my parents and my Gran are what really helped develop my 'backbone'..
Flint- *chuckles at Fi’s irritation* My baby sister and a friend from the winter court gave me any backbone I may have.
Fi- *muttering under her breath*
Lumi- *looks at Eirnin* He did. *then to Fi* Eirnin and Fi both.
Flint- *coughs*
Lumi- Hellboy, too. *sticks tongue out at him*
Fi- *looks up at Lulu* Lu, you had plenty of backbone before you met us, honey.
Eir- For once, I am going to agree with Fi. You might be sweet, but you’re not a pushover. Don’t sell yourself short, and whatever you do, don’t give him the credit. *gestures to Flint*
Flint- I would make an obscene hand gesture at you, but there may be children watching. *glares at Eir*
Lumi- *giggles, shoving Eir* Dweeb. Just take a compliment, would you, Dolans? Gosh.
Eir- *fakes being offended* I am not a dweeb, Princess. *huffs*
Fi- *giggles*
Lumi- *smiles, makes big-eyes at him* I’m sorry, Wonder Boy..
Flint- *gags* Next question, please.
Fi- *glares at Flint*

What is your favorite flower?

Fi- *grins* I love daisies.
Flint- *files that away for later use*
Eir- I am a boy and therefore do not like flowers. Despite what my cousin, Aodhan, may have told you about my fondness for tulips. Not true.
Lumi- *looks at Eir* So you would be mad at me if I brought you flowers one day?
Flint- *smirks* Why would you be bringing Eir flowers, Lulu?
Lumi- *narrows eyes* Because I like him, you little hellion.
Flint- *starts laughing, tries to smother it with his hand*
Fi- *rolls eyes at Flint*
Eir- *blushes* I could never get mad at you, Lulu.
Lumi- Yes, but if you don’t like flowers… I wouldn’t want you to think I’m trying to sissify you. *sighs sadly*
Fi- *busts out laughing*
Eir- *glares at Fi* Okay, fine, I like flowers. *whispers* Only for you would I admit that, Lu.
Lulu- *swells with pride* Oh. Sorry, KJ. Um… I like white carnations and pink carnations. I think they’re really pretty.
Fi- *grins, then looks at Flint expectantly*
Flint- I am not a boy. I am a full grown man, so, I will openly admit I like roses best. And unlike some people I’m not ashamed of it.
Eir- *scowls* Oh shut up, Twinkly Bottom.
Fi- *chokes back a laugh*
Lumi- *giggles*
Flint- *rolls eyes at Eir* Remind me to smack you later.

What is your favorite ice cream?

Lulu- *cries* Mint chocolate chip! *flushes, looking around nervously* Erm... Sorry.
Eir- Strawberry is the best. Aunt Ruth’s homemade strawberry ice cream. Yum. Do we have any in the freezer? *looks at his sister hopefully*
Fi- *shakes her head* Uh, I don’t think so, Eir. Sorry. *tries not to grin at him* I like just plain vanilla best.
Flint- *sighs sadly* You ask all these naughty questions and expect G-rated answers… *rolls eyes heavenward* “Depends on the day. I will always eat ice cream. I probably like coffee ice cream the best…
Fi- *frowns* Aunt Ruth won’t make coffee ice cream because I’m the only one who wants to try it…
Flint- *looks at her* It’s fantastic. *nudges her arm* I can beg her with you next time she comes over, if you’d like.
Fi- *bites her lip, trying not to grin* That would be very sweet of you. I don’t want to harass her, though… *looks at him, debating* If you ask her first I can chime in, though… So… Yes, please. Thank you. *blushing*
Flint- *smiles at her* Consider it done.
Lumi- *pokes Eir’s side* Aww, look at them being all nice to each other. It’s so cute.
Eir- *shushes her* Don’t spook them, Lulu. We know how quickly things go sideways with these two.
Lumi- Right, yes. True. *nods thoughtfully*
Flint- *ignores them*
Fi- *flushes, glaring at her brother*

What do you miss most from what you see in the ruins of the city?

Fi- Honestly, everything. They say New York was this bustling ball of energy that never stopped. People and cars and animals just everywhere, moving and talking and just living. I would love to have been a part of that, even if it was only for a day. That must have been amazing.
Flint- *shudders a little at what Fi said* I will be honest and say I am the farthest thing from a city boy you can find, so... *blinks slowly* There's nothing I can really say I 'miss', per se...
Fi- *quirks a brow at Flint* Nothing at all? I mean, I love the peace and quiet but just to see it all... *trails off looking embarrassed*
Eir- The cultural aspects, I think. The museums and the restaurants... I would love to have been able to witness some of humanity's growth.
Flint- *shakes his head* Makes me anxious. Being around that many people, it's just… *scrunches nose* Bleh. *nudges Fi* "Besides. Everything I want to see is in this room right now. *winks*
Fi- *grins and blushes* The three of us are all you want to see? *sounds half-surprised and half-teasing*
Flint-smirk at her. "Sure."
Fi- *shakes her head, grinning at Flint and teases* Do you even believe half of what you say?
Flint- I believe everything I say.*smiles at Fi*
Fi- *grins at Flint and laughs* Of course you do.
Lumi- *leans forward with a straight face* Flint, I'm confused. Are you simply saying you only want to see Fi? Or are you referring to the overly tall boy who calls you 'bad' names?
Flint- *grinning at Fi and then chokes* Lumi.
Fi- *blushes bright red*
Eir- *tries to choke back a laugh*
Lumi- *fakes confusion* What?
Flint *covers his face with his hands and starts shaking his head*
Lulu- And for Kj, um, I've never been in a city, so honestly I'd honestly just like to see it... It would be fun to just walk around.
Eir-*smiles at Lumi shyly* I'd love to take a walk around the city with you, Lulu.
Lumi- *looks up at him and beams* Are you still going to take me pillaging?
Eir-  *blushes* Yes! Of course! *glances at Fi* Whenever you'd like..

As you can see the characters are always eager to talk and love to have people know more about them. If there is any question(s) you would like answered please either leave them in the comments section or email me here. Nor has this ended, there are even more questions waiting to be answered.

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