Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Uprising: The Characters Interview

Title- Uprising
Series- The Dolan Prophecies Series Book #1
By- Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons
Publication Date- April 18th, 2014
Genre- New Adult Dystopian
Hi everyone! I wanted to do something a little different, I started off with the normal asking questions and my mind wandered. Thank goodness the wonderful authors, and their characters thought my wanderings were a good thing. So without further ado.....

The Characters:

Fianna Aoife Dolan-
Nickname(s)- Fi
Age- 19
Height- 5’2”

Eirnin Kearney Dolan-
Nickname(s)- Eir
Age- 16
Height- 6’7”

Nickname(s)- Hellboy, Hellion, Ass… None that would be considered “nice”.
Age- 278 years, but physically I look like I’m in my early twenties--lucky me.
Height- 5’8”

Nickname(s)- Lulu, Princess
Age- 546 (and yes, I do mean years)
Height- 5’1”

This interview after the first two questions is in round robin format, please enjoy!!

For Flint- Do you prefer being in fox or human form?

    “Honestly, it depends on what I’m doing. If I’m traveling I prefer to be in fox form--it’s easier to duck around and hide when I’m that small, and I can run upwards of thirty miles per hour which makes the trip end sooner. However if I were to be mingling with, say, a pretty girl... *smirks to himself* ...then I most definitely would rather be in human form.

For Lumi- Why do you think you prefer humans other than the obvious reasons?

    "It's not so much a 'specific' trait they have... I like them because after everything that's gone down they still fight to survive, and I like them because of all of the humans I've met they were always very...appreciative when someone is nice to them or tried to help them." *shakes head* "I just really like them."

What do you guys see love as being?

Eir- Love is a summer’s day, with the perfect girl on your arm-- *glances at Lumi* and wait-- that’s not what you asked…
Lumi- *catches Eir looking at her and tilts her head, totally oblivious to what he is implying*
Flint- *snorts when he sees Eir looking at Lulu, then coughs* I don’t even know what I think love is, anymore.
Fi- *grins at Eir* I’ve never really tried to figure out what love is
Flint- *looks at Fi with a lifted brow* And why is that?
Fi- *blushes* I don’t know. It’s just not something I’ve pondered for any length of time. *narrows eyes* What about you? You don’t know what you think love is?
Flint- *smirks* Well, I thought I did. Now, though… Now I’m not so sure. *staring right into Fi’s eyes when he says this, seems to notice he’s being creepy, clears his throat and looks away from her and to Lulu* Princess, you have yet to answer.
Fi- *flushes when Flint holds her eyes like that*
Eir- *snorts, trying to turn his laugh into a cough*
Lumi- *opens and closes mouth a few times and then shakes head* I don’t know, either… *blushing, looks down at her lap* I don’t believe I’m cut out for it, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on ‘love’. I’m sorry…
Eir- You are wrong, Lu.
Fi- Eir’s right, Lulu. I’ve never met anyone more loving than you are. Except maybe for Aunt Ruth…
Lumi- *forces a weak smile, but doesn’t say anything*
Flint- *clears throat, trying to save Lulu from this topic* I believe we have exhausted this question.

If and when you decided to be in a committed relationship what kind of person would you look for?

Flint- *tenses and glances at Fi and then very quickly looks anywhere but in her direction* 
Lumi- *avoids looking at Eirnin and smirks at Flint*, Well, Hellboy?
Flint- *glares at Lumi but doesn’t speak*
Lumi- *murmurs* Crankypants…
Eir- *glances at Lumi and grins but doesn’t speak*
Fi- *looks between the other three and clears her throat as her eyes swing back to Flint* That is a hard question.
Flint- *feels Fi's eyes on him and glances up, grinning*
Lumi- *looks around, and sees everyone looking awkward, and groans* Well then, um... If I ever had the chance, I would be most interested in someone who could make me cheesy as that sounds... I mean, if he could make me happy he could get away with anything--*looks at Eir, flushes and looks down* So yeah, that...gorgeous face doesn't hurt, either-- Ack. Anyone else? Please?" 
Eir- *meets Lumi’s eyes and smiles* Well, I would like to end up with someone sweet and honest and beautiful inside and out…
Lumi- *blushes bright red*
Flint- *nudges Fi, looking ill at Lumi and Eirnin ogling each other* Got anything, love?
Fi- *flushes and stammers* I-I'm not sure..
Flint-Neither am I. *quirks a brow at Fi* We could probably outrun them... Go hide until they change the subject.
Fi- *grins at Flint, blushing* That sounds like a solid plan.. *bites her lip and holds her hand out to him* 
Flint- *looks surprised but takes Fi’s hand and they sneak off together as Eir and Lumi are distracted*

How many children do you see yourself having?

Eir- *does his damnedest not to look at Lumi* I would like to have at least two they don’t get lonely… *clears throat, looks at the ground*
Lumi- *glances at Eir and then nods* Yeah. Two or three, I think. Maybe more. Depends who I’m with. *innocent shrug*
Flint- *coughs into his elbow to hide a laugh* Uhh… I’ve never really thought about it… *shakes head* I’d need a wife to boss me into the how many part of things… So yeah, it would depend on who I’m with, too.
Lumi- *glares at him, addressing the Dolans* Did you see that? He stole my answer. Little demon fox...
Fi- *laughs at Lumi, then shrugs a little* I’d like to have a big family...I love kids... *sighs and looks at the floor*
Flint- *looks over at the gloom and doom tone* Yeah, you sound like it. *widens eyes* Don’t get too excited, now. Wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.
Fi- *looks up and blushes* You need to have a significant other in order to get to the kids part of things…
Eir- *rests his chin on his fist, watching them*
Flint- *opens his mouth to respond*
Lumi- *leans over, taps Fi’s shoulder, whispers just loud enough for everyone to hear* Hey, don't know if you know... But Flint is single.
Eir- *throws his head back and laughs*
Flint- *chokes, blushing*
Fi- *flushes beet red, sputtering* Lumi!
Lumi- *innocent look, being evil* Yes?
Fi- *opens her mouth and closes it a few times, trying to figure out what to say, then hides her face in her hands*
Eir- *pulls himself together enough to high-five Lumi, still laughing*
Lumi- *giggles*
Fi- *muttering* Just friends… Just friends… Evil princess…
Flint- *still trying to stop choking on his tongue, looks at his knees* Um, can we move on, please?
Fi- *nods quickly* Yes, please let's move on.

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Eir- *looks at Lumi and blushes* I don't know exactly where I'll be or what I'll be doing but I do know I want to be with someone I love when I'm doing it. *looks at his feet*
Lumi- *looks at Eir and smiles, reaching out and running her hand over his shoulder* I would just like to be in a place where people weren't constantly being hurt...
Fi- *nods at Lumi and then shakes her head* I really don't know....I'm with Lu, I just hope the hard part is over by then and the people I love are safe.
Flint- *looks up directly at Fi* Honestly I just hope I'm still with you. *flushes*  Three. You three. *clears his throat and looks down*

Please stay tuned for more, there is so much more to this interview that I will release more on another for it!


  1. We love you KJ!! We had so much fun with this interview- can't wait to read the rest!!! <3