Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blog Tour: Newtimber: Fractured

Book title: Newtimber: Fractured
Author: Karen E. Hoover
Release Date: June 21st
Tour Dates: July 15th - August 15th
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Trifecta Books
Tour Host: Silverbow Promotions 

Book Synopsis:

There was absolutely no way a black dragon hovered outside of Newtimber. Sianna rubbed her eyes, but the dragon was still there, clutching a round object that looked like a spotted egg. And then the egg fell, hitting the ground like an atomic bomb, sending out waves of a slow-moving fog that distorted everything it touched.
The citizens of Newtimber change. The old man down the street stretches into a screaming tree. Sianna’s skateboarding friend, Matt, transforms into a giant green dragon. Pegasus. Sirens. Griffins. Vampires. Zombies. Creatures from the myths of every culture come to life through the people.
Even Sianna changes, her skin becoming stone hard, and she gains the ability to travel from the human realm into the dimension of the fae, using it to free her father from prison and enlist his aid in battling the evil bent on taking over the world.
One person to heal a family, a town, and save the world. It seems an impossible task, but with the help of her new friends, it could happen.


*** Kj Says ***
 At first glance Sianna seems to be a homeless girl, not true she has family but things haven’t been great. As she moves into her aunt’s house she is recruited to help her aunt with a project. The thing is as she helps with this project life gets really interesting. Something happens that night that is well impossible. A black dragon drops a bomb outside of Newtimber and all the residents are changing. By changing we are talking; dragons, sirens, trees, wolves, Pegasus, almost anything that we have heard myths about.  What on earth is going on? Will Sianna find answers to fix the situation? Will she be strong enough to deal with it all?
 I very much enjoyed this book, I found it to be a fascinating take on the paranormal world. Nicely written and easy to fall into and become a part of the action, I enjoyed my time in Newtimber. I would highly recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal from about age 13 up. I will most definitely be reading more from Karen Hoover as I like her style of writing. Many thanks to the author for allowing me to read and review her book, I am excited for the next one!

Karen E. Hoover has loved the written word for as long as she can remember. Her favorite memory of her dad is the time he spent with Karen on his lap, telling her stories for hours on end. Her dad promised he would have Karen reading on her own by the time she was four years old … and he very nearly did. Karen took the gift of words her dad gave her and ran with it. Since then, she’s written two novels and reams of poetry. Her head is fairly popping with ideas, so she plans to write until she’s ninety-four or maybe even a hundred and four.

Inspiration is found everywhere, but Karen’s heart is fueled by her husband and two sons, the Rocky Mountains, her chronic addiction to pens and paper, and the smell of her laser printer in the morning.


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