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GHBT- 'Sugar Scars' by Travis Norwood Tour- Character Bios & Giveaway

Sugar Scars
By- Travis Norwood
Genre- Post Apocalyptic/Sci Fi

Living after the apocalypse really isn’t that hard for most of the survivors. The virus killed all but 1 in 10,000. The few remaining people are left in a world of virtually unlimited resources. Grocery stores overflowing with food and drink. Thousands of empty houses to pick from.

But one survivor, a nineteen-year-old girl, requires more than simple food, water and shelter. As a type 1 diabetic her body desperately needs insulin to stay alive. With civilization gone, no one manufactures it anymore. She hoards all the insulin she can find, but every day marches toward the end of her stash of vials. She has a choice. Accept her fate and death, or tackle the almost insurmountable task of extracting and refining the insulin herself.

Brilliant scientists struggled to make the first insulin. What hope does a high school dropout have?

Here are bios on the characters from Sugar Scars- 

Main Character - She doesn’t tell the reader her name, because she hates it and wants to pick a new one. Both her parents died when she was six and she lived in foster homes until she was eighteen. She never stayed in any one home for too long. She’s an extreme introvert and never made a real connection with any of the families. She just longs to be alone.
When she was eight, she found out that she was a type 1 diabetic. Her life revolved around taking insulin and carefully regulating her blood sugar to keep herself alive.
She dropped out of high school and lived on her own with money from a dead-end job and a small trust fund from her parents.
Even though she hates school, she’s brilliant mathematically. She thinks of everything in numbers and has an almost savant-like ability to do math in her head.
When the virus strikes and kill most of the population, she isn’t glad for the deaths, but is well able to handle the new life of isolation. She even enjoys it.
Until she realizes that the insulin won’t last.

Kyle - Another survivor of the virus, who loves being with people so much that he almost wishes he didn’t survive. He had family, friends and a woman he loved.
He’s strong and loves to work with his hands. He did construction for a while and then took a job a Home Depot. Even after the virus wiped out all but a few, he still goes back to the bright orange building to help those left alive gather any supplies that they need. It’s the best way to find the love and companionship he desperately needs.

Edith - An old woman who doesn’t understand why God killed so many and left her alive. Her husband died a few years ago and the loss devastated her. She thought losing everyone she knew in the virus would be unbearable. But the loss is so complete that she feels like she is the one who died. Now she just wants to help the few who are left and get the world started again. And that means getting young people like Kyle and that strange girl who won’t tell anyone her name together to start repopulating the earth.

About the Author-
Travis Norwood lives in Montgomery, Alabama with his wife and five children. Like Sugar, he would be perfectly happy living in a world emptied of almost all people. But not you, of course. He sincerely hopes you survive the apocalypse.


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