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'Noir' by Grayer Vaughan Tour- Excerpt

The Silent Violent Few: Noir
The Silent Violent Few # 3
By- Grayer Vaughan
Genre- Romance, Fiction, 16+

"How will he still want me once he finds out what I've done?"
Alabama Crowne thought she had finally secured her freedom when the life she was destined to live came to a halt. Despite everything she left behind, there was one constant she would never be rid of as death claimed who she was in order to become who she was meant to be all along:  Cash Zachary Calloway.

 Leaving one life to create another didn't seem so bad until Finn Haines, the man she thought she knew, begins to become unhinged when secrets, lies and betrayal tempt them both into an epic end game of "name that Submissive".

Thinking she chose the right Calloway, Alabama takes a chance to build a life worth living as she is set to give birth to the next Calloway heir until facts about Finn's past lead her down a dangerous path filled with devious deviants of epic proportions.  

Unsure of who the father of her unborn child is, Alabama begins to struggle with her sanity, keeping her pregnancy hidden while she soon realizes that the only way out of the mess she created might be to return to the life she left behind as visions of her dead best friend Frankie lead her down a dangerous path of becoming the one thing she never thought she would: Mrs. Calloway.

Will the darkness she created claim the life she must live to be free or will her static inspiration become the dominant Noir she will need to save her from the violent death Goddess has planned?

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Enjoy this Excerpt from Risen

Taking in what Meryl just revealed, Beatrice’s jaw drops as she clutches her chest and begins to hyperventilate. The air seemed too thick as it inflated her lungs with a reminder of the truth.
“Hold on, old girl! I’m gonna get your heart pills,” Meryl insists, searching through Beatrice’s purse.
Removing a pill from the pill box, Meryl places it quickly into Beatrice’s mouth, putting a bottle of water in her hand. Once she begins to drink, Meryl takes a few deep breaths, fanning herself in the same fashion.
“I know it’s hard to take. Believe me; I’ve been sitting with that one for weeks now. I keep having nightmares that he is going to find out and hunt us down for helping her escape. He would skin us all for our involvement, and what’s worse- Cash would never let her leave him, especially with his child,” Meryl offers, rubbing Beatrice’s back as she bends down over her legs.
Meryl-this is so bad. So bad, Chicken! We need a plan-a better plan than last time. I don’t think Alabama knows our secret yet. What are we going to do? This is going to kill them both. Can you imagine holding the child of someone you believe not only killed your best friend, but impregnated her just the same? I don’t know if we have enough to pull off another doozy,” Beatrice contends, shaking her head in disbelief. “That’s it. I’m gonna take up drinking as an Olympic sport. That’s all there is to it!”
Smirking at Beatrice’s comment, Meryl fanned herself with the magazine, remembering that she had just the thing to suit.
“Why do you think I’ve been watching her closely? I wanted to tell her but she has been so disconnected as it is. I don’t want to make her unhappier than she already is. Then, when this came about- the first thing I thought was that girl has been hit with the family curse,” Meryl adds, taking out a flask from the middle lining of her Hermes bag. “Salute!”
Shocked by her comment, Beatrice throws out her water to allow Meryl to pour her troubles away.
“What if that is what they are telling her now? How are we going to play this? I mean- the only way to really free them last time was to clue them into the game of pretend truth. This is fight club, Marlow. Never say die,” she scoffs, taking a deep swig of her cup.
Taking a healthy drink of her flask, Meryl considers what Beatrice is saying while she tries to find a way out of their mess. When she is left with mixed feelings, she continues to drink before answering.
“I have no idea, Beatrice. I guess we'll cross that bridge on fire when we get to it and shimmy past it on stilts to get us across in the process,” says Meryl.
Sitting quietly a moment, Meryl and Beatrice reflect on the status of their new life. It isn’t until Beatrice gets a funny look in her eyes when Margarete walks over to them that Meryl begins to panic. Answering her phone when it rings once more, Meryl was grateful Margarete had the interruption.
“What are you considering? I see that old goat you call a brain churning something stinky awful,” Meryl retorts, playing with her pink pearls as she swishes them back and forth.
“Do you know Alabama’s background?” Beatrice questions in a discreet voice, nodding towards Margarete.
Do what? Why are you talking like that?” Meryl barks, unimpressed with her query.
Pulling Meryl close, Beatrice maintains her inquisition.
“Come on, I am being serious and trying to be discreet. Do you know her background?” she pushes once more.
Turning their full attention to Margarete’s call, they listen closely to get an idea of who they were dealing with. Satisfied they have the right person for the job; Beatrice begins to smile a mischievous grin.
“I don’t see any good coming out of the looks you are working, Beatrice Celeste,” Meryl answers, carefully observing each person in passing.
Merilynn Denise. Work with me!” Bea scoffs.
Rolling her eyes in a fed up manner, Meryl inches over to Beatrice to close the distance.
As far as I know- she has no family outside of fancy pants over there,” she answers.
Waiting for the passing gaggle to move past them, Beatrice tries to keep her true intentions hidden by using their spoken words of truth.
“I am not talking about the background we created. I am talking brass taxes here. The blackened chicken stands to cluck,” Beatrice reiterates, waiting for the truth.
“I can’t do this with you right this second, Beatrice. My nerves are shot.”
      Offended as she watches Meryl stomp away from her, Beatrice grabs her purse in a huffing fashion. Placing it forcefully on her arms, Beatrice removes her Wayfairs to make sure Meryl could see her eyes.
      “Listen to me you old prune! We need a life raft here. Calloways don’t perish. We don’t bend. We dominate. It has been this way for generations. Does she have any cousins, grandparents, uncles? Period?” Beatrice growls, standing unmoved by Meryl’s forceful nature. “Is there anyone in her background that Cash wouldn’t know about straight away?”
      Beatrice knew straight away if Meryl didn’t want to participate, she was as good as through with it. Her word and her will were strong as oak, unchanging to suit anyone else’s needs before her own. Once Meryl dug her heels in, there was nothing anyone could do to make her budge except one person who Meryl feared the most-the Dominant who made her.
      That was the one card Beatrice had over Meryl, and because she knew what Beatrice was capable of, Meryl was a slave to her requests. One call is all it would take to break Meryl back into a Submissive. It wasn’t only Cash Meryl was running from.
      Seeing Beatrice’s determined stance, Meryl had no choice but to comply.
      “No, Goat! I don’t believe she does. As I told you, I don’t believe she has any family besides us. According to Margarete, Caley’s mother passed away from stage 4 breast Cancer and she never spoke of her father. To my knowledge she has no siblings. Her cousins are non-existent in her life, well-the life she had anyway. It was literally just her and her best friend Francesca. That is why it was such a heavy blow. Frankie, as she called her, was her lifeline to the outside world. That is why it was so easy to create a new life for her. Remember? No loose ends to tie up.”
      Walking back to the bench with her new information, Beatrice opens her purse to retrieve her black book.
      “I know what to do, Merilynn. Leave it to me. I will set us all free,” she insists, taking out her phone.
      “I thought we were already free?” Meryl adds, nervously crossing her legs as she sits down beside Beatrice.

About the Author-
Grayer Vaughan is the author of “The Vaughan Chronicles” series: Magnolia Like the Flower, Burning Blossom, Starshine; The Cathedral Saga: The Receiver, and The Silent Violent Few series: The Silent Violent Few, Risen, Noir.

Beginning at 11 years old, Vaughan began training in sport Karate as her parents wanted her to be able to defend herself against bullying in school. She began studying under the late 10th Dan Master Richard Dixon, learning Japanese Goju, which is Taekwondo, Kempo, and Kungfu combined. Over the next 7 years, she earned her blackbelt degree and fought all over the United States defending her regional, and divisional titles as well her right to fight for the State of Texas for her division. She received her first state title at 11 and her first world title at 14, fighting her way up to earn her titles. She is still undefeated and is now a retired World Champion. After making the decision to retire, she continued the family tradition in joining the Armed forces once they became of age. Upon discussing an opportunity to fight in the All-Army karate team, Vaughan decided to join the Army to follow in her father’s footsteps. serving 6 years in service, Vaughan returned home to Texas where she entered college to study as an artist. In an effort to keep a promise she made to her grandfather, Daniel, to write about her extraordinary life, she penned "The Vaughan Chronicles", basing the story off her life experiences.                   

“There is always an opportunity to continue to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. They may have tried to push me back, but they will never succeed. I can always get better. Never give up.” ~Grayer Vaughan.

According to Grayer, she never intended to become an author. “It happened by answering a “what if” question, and a promise. I was blessed enough to be with my grandfather, Daniel in his last hour here on Earth. He asked what I would do in the next ten years as he wouldn’t be around to experience it with me. I said, “I have no idea, Grampy…I guess I will sell my art- have a show or write a book? I have no idea!” He replied, “you should do it. I believe in you. Promise me you will do whatever it takes to get it out there.”

With the promise made, he passed away a few seconds later. It took 6 months for Grayer to honor that promise, and with each book produced, she continues to keep her accord intact.

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Instagram- @Vaughanland

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