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Blog Tour~~Audrey's Promise

Title- Audrey’s Promise
By- Susan Sheehey
Publication Date- July 24, 2013
Published By- The Wild Rose Press

Audrey Allen is poised to become the youngest Texas senator, a position that fits her nickname, The Peacemaker. But she's unable to make peace with many in her hometown, where memories and grudges run deep from a decade-old tragedy. 

Ethan Tanner, an ambitious and tantalizing journalist, joins her at Thanksgiving for an in-depth look at the promising candidate. But he has an agenda of his own that's not entirely honorable.
Ethan could stir up trouble for her budding career, or awaken the deep passions she's buried for so long. Will Ethan find that he values love more than getting the story?

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~~Kj's Review~~
 Audrey is a strong, peace loving woman running for public office, Ethan is a tabloid news writer determined to undermine her campaign, together, they go to her home for Thanksgiving. She has been living a promise that she feels she owes, that means hiding the accident and what followed it. The fact that her home town hated her has journalist Ethan frothing at the mouth to find out more…. Will Audrey break and tell him what he wants? Will he break her with the seemingly wonderful scandal he has found? Will they give in to the chemistry between them?
 Audrey’s Promise is a wonderfully written novel that made me cry in places, get mad in others and feel the currents running through the characters at any given time. I recommend this book to others because it is a very good read. My only issue is my imagination wanted to make more of this book…is me only. I could see a whole series around this family for whatever reason. I am not saying a thing negative here, just loved the author’s storytelling capabilities. Thank you Susan Sheehey for letting me read your book to review it, I enjoyed it!

About the Author-
Susan writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense and women's fiction. After spending six years in the corporate world, her true passion wouldn't let go and she's been writing ever since. She lives and laughs in Texas with her husband and son. 

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  1. Thanks for your review and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for hosting me on your blog today!