Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rise Of Xosha A Legend Of Xosha Novella Scavenger Hunt

“Oracle! What are you doing all the way back here?” Asami asked in surprise. 
Rose sighed and silently cursed Pyre under her breath. “Don’t call me that Asami. I am not an Oracle. I’m just like every other dragon.”
Asami laughed out right. “Rose, you are far from being just like the other dragons. You haven’t answered my question though.”
“I came to talk to you…About Reaper.” Rose said as the wind tugged on her hair. She knew it was the Spirits trying to get her attention since not even a light breeze touched Asami who stood right beside her.
“Oh…” Asami turned her head to look into the woods. “There’s nothing to talk about. He pities my situation and asked to be my mate so my pups won’t be fatherless.”
It was Rose’s turn to laugh. “You can’t possibly believe that! If you do, then you know nothing about your alpha. Reaper lost his mate when he helped my Oni come rescue me. The same time he rescued you and your pack. I am certain there are other females who are mate-less with children in the dens aren’t there?”
Asami nodded. “Of course. We lose our lives frequently since the gates to Shai’Pyre were opened…”
Rose tried to bat the wind away as it gusted in her face. “Then why were none of them asked to lead with Reaper? Why did he ask you out of all the mate-less females? He doesn’t pity you. Reaper doesn’t know what pity is I’m sure. He never mourned his own mate’s passing, even Oceanus mourned when Obsidian died, but from what Pyre told me, Reaper just brushed her death off completely. Is it so hard for you to believe that perhaps he asked you because he likes you and wants your pups to be his?”
As she finished speaking, the wind grew violent enough around her that she had no choice but to stop walking all together less she be consumed by it. “What?!?” She yelled at the winds.
Asami looked at Rose a bit frightened by the display. 
The cacophony of voices escaped Rose as her head turned to gaze seemingly through Asami with clouded pools. “Isumi and Izuma will be champions of the pack. For the loyalty you have all shown, from the next generation of wolves on, they shall be granted extended lifespans. For as long as the wolves and dragons remain loyal to each other, death from illness nor age shall touch either race.”
Just as quickly as the winds had arrived, they departed leaving Rose and Asami to contemplate what they had been told.