Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog Tour: Much Ado About Mother

Title- Much Ado About Mother
Series- Venice Beach Romance (Can be read out of order)
By- Celia Bonaduce
Genre- Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication Date- May 29th, 2014
Published By- eKensington

Look out, Venice Beach--the Wolf women are all together again. But when 70-year-old Virginia arrives with her teacup Chihuahua and unshakeable confidence, she senses trouble. Erinn is keeping secrets--like being broke and out of work--and Suzanna is paying too much attention to the wrong man--a Latino dance instructor who nearly broke her heart once before. Virginia's ready for the third act of her life, and she intends to make it rousing and romantic. Now she just has to convince her daughters to throw out their old scripts. If life has taught Virginia anything, it's this: there's more than one way to a "happily ever after"...


*** Kj Says ***
 In this wonderfully written, heart warming tale of family, when mom comes to visit it brings all sorts of different levels of excitement to Venice Beach. From trying to save a tree, to meeting new people, and helping everyone along the way, Virginia seems to be a mover and a shaker, Erinn way too serious, and Suzanna paying a little too much attention to an old flame. What will Virginia do? Will Erinn and Suzanna weather their issues?
 I didn’t know what to think at first, this book just so wasn’t what I expected. I fully imagined this story to be just a romance, I was so very shocked when I was pulled into a tale of family and how they interacted with others in a close knit little community. I cannot say enough good about this book, it was truly enjoyable from beginning to end. I would like to thank Celia Bonaduce and Girls Heart Books for making this book available to me to read and review, it was a pleasure!

Celia Bonaduce is an award-winning producer whose credits cover a lot of ground – everything from field-producing ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to writing for many of Nickelodeon’s animated series, including Hey, Arnold and Chalkzone. If Celia Bonaduce’s last name is any indication, she is proof that TV talent runs in the family.
An avid reader, entering the world of books has always been a lifelong ambition. The Merchant of Venice Beach is book one of her three-book deal with eKensington, a digital imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp. The follow up novel, A Comedy of Erinn, has also been released, and book three, Much Ado About Mother, will be coming out on May 29th, 2014.


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