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Bullet: A Demos City Novel by Jonathan Lister

A father’s love doesn’t bend, so what happens when it breaks?

Corruption, dark truths, and a new Alpha mean Leon Gray’s days of running without a pack are over. At least, that’s what everyone but him believes.

He’d rather be helping his teenage daughter navigate the landmine life of a full werewolf, finish out his servitude as bodyguard to a former Demos City reporter and, in all honesty, not be taken advantage of by a beautiful woman who really only wants him for his body—figuratively and metaphorically.

Of course, the only way any of that might happen is if he’s dead. That’s likely given the information the reporter has unearthed and the territorial battles already underway between packs. If only Demos City's corruption didn’t have such deep roots—older than the bones of the city or any of the werewolves who’ve decided to claim it. A city can only take so many power hungry mongrels invading it at one time, and Leon can only take so much knowing his daughter lives within its boundaries.

War has come to Demos City.

It’s up to Leon to fix ... what's most important to him.

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The uniqueness in the Demos City stories is that the supernatural and humans know of one another,” says J. Taylor Publishing. “It’s just part of life in Demos City, but what happens when one infringes on the other or turf wars impede progress? Therein lies the fundamental problems with a society that knows about supernaturals and Jonathan is poised to tell the story for many books to come.”
Mixing the supernatural and human populations is fertile ground to tell some stories with social commentary woven into them,” says Jonathan. “I didn’t want to write a story about werewolves doing ‘werewolf’ things and this was the perfect way in my mind. These characters are people with problems that mirror those in the real world today, or at least as close as I can get them.”  
Like Crossroads, the first in the Demos City series, Bullet centers around Leon Gray, a werewolf who used to work as a bouncer in a bar, and now acts in a capacity most readers expect of a werewolf—a body guard. It’s not that role that gets him in the most trouble though, who he’s protecting and why are the key in this second book.
What are werewolves? Animals or people? Why do we believe the answer that pops into our head?” asks J. Taylor Publishing. “Readers expect certain things from characters and supernaturals specifically because they’ve been taught with other books to believe ‘x’ when in the Demos City case, Jonathan totally turns those preconceived notions on the head.”
Unless there’s girl superhero meets socially awkward boy type romance in a supernatural book today, it’s tough to make people read the first page,” says Jonathan. “Hell, the success of that plot arc alone built an entire sub genre. Those preconceived notions keep many authors from getting books in print, and it’s one of the reasons I’m so invested in the Demos City series. We need new stories, new characters that readers can invest in. Isn’t it time we moved forward a bit?”  
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Leon Gray has no pack to answer to, he likes it that way. He just wants to raise his daughter and help her to deal with being a werewolf. Humans and werewolves could interact just fine if politics would leave them alone. What’s worse is that politics has a crooked side, and Leon is being pulled into the middle of it all. He is told to pick a pack and join, both sides wanting him for their own purposes. If it isn’t a werewolf, it is a human, who can win under those circumstances? As they see it all is fair when there is a war brewing. All he wants is for his daughter to be safe; will he be able to pull it off? Will he join a pack? What will happen to Demos City?

 I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this book. I was thrilled to discover a wonderfully written story about werewolves that wasn’t like everything else out there. Jonathan Lister creates a world that is very easy to become involved in and quite honestly enjoyable to see. I had a full range of emotions reading this story which always makes it that much more personal. I look forward to hearing more about Demos City, I really need to know more about Leon and his daughter. I admit I didn’t know there was a book before this one, I have corrected that and am looking forward to reading it. I want to thank Jonathan Lister for making Bullet available to me for reading and reviewing, it was an honor.

Top Tens

Mr.Lister was kind enough to provide me with a list of his top ten desserts, an interesting list to be sure. Yummy!!
Dessert can be the ideal finish to a meal or the nail that drives the ingestion coffin into the ground. It's a minefield to be certain. One wrong selection and it's an early evening with only the covers to keep you company. My favorite after-dinner selections tend to keep that 'less is more' ethic in mind. You may even find some characters in Bullet, a Demos City Novel, enjoying them.
10. Tiramisu

The Italian classic is the ideal blend of bitter and sweet. Added caffeine to fend off an impending food coma and light enough, thanks to the lady fingers, that you shouldn't feel like a bloated mess standing up from the dinner table.

9. Red Wine

The lighter the varietal the better for this particular scenario, so it's more in a pinot noir vein, in my opinion. Just get a bottle with your entrees and enjoy the remainder through the end of the dinner. Nothing too heavy with tannins. The last thing you want is to be chewing your wine long after the food has left the table.

8. Sorbet

Almost any type will do, though I prefer the cherry and chocolate mingled together as pictured. The only kind I never order is lemon. Let me be clear: lemon is not a legitimate dessert option. It's a garnish, best suited for ice tea or riding atop a dead swordfish.

7. Cheese Board

If you're going to have wine left over from dinner, a cheese board makes all the sense to help you down the remainder. I like softer cheeses at the end stage of the game, goat being my favorite. Mix in a little richer fruit spread (fig) and it's a winner.

6. Tawny Port

Need a little fruity booze to perk up the end of your evening? Look no further. Port takes a little getting used to, and you might want to try a smaller portion before graduating to an entire glass.

5. Donuts

My grandparents owned a bakery, and this dessert option honors their memory in a delicious way. I will work for sprinkles -- I'm that much enamored with them to this day. A donut, to me, is the blue-collar cousin of the cupcake, and far less trendy. Get into them now, that way you can say you liked them before they were popular. 

4. Watermelon

Clean, crisp and oh so hydrating. Nothing washes out the palate quite like watermelon. I'll take this fruit just about any way I can get it, except paired with other melon-type fruits. Don't pollute its glorious red deliciousness with a cantaloupe or honey dew.

   3. The Macallan 18-year

I've said on Twitter that I want to develop old man habits, like Scotch, and I'm happy to report that I'm progressing well towards that goal. A finger or two of the amber stuff at the end of an evening calms me down and sets my mood right. Yes, the first few (hundred) glasses will probably just taste like burning, but once you're on the other side, it's a pretty enjoyable experience.  

2. Whatever This Is

Alinea in Chicago was just named one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. I've never tried this dessert, but just freaking look at it! My eyes and reeling imagination tell me it would be amazing. And so, it must be.

  1. Coffee

Was anyone expecting any other dessert option to hold the top spot? My love affair with the coffee bean is well documented. I'll take it with cream, as espresso, French pressed, drip poured, Brazilian pressed, with coconut milk, in a latte, in an IV. Doesn't matter. 

Jonathan Lister is a full-time writer with work appearing in outlets of USA Today, The Houston Chronicle and many others. A graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, he’s waited an unspeakable amount of tables en route to having the career he wants, and the ability to the tell stories he loves. Bullet, a Demos City Novel is Jonathan’s second book-length work of fiction. He currently lives in the Philadelphia area and continues to drink too much coffee. 
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